A Wonderful Success!

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The "Get Jwlhyfer to Costume Con 23" campaign (Updated July 29th, 2006)


A letter was kindly sent out by friends of Jwlhyfer in 2005 in order to help her get to Costume Con 23 to present her Retrospective. The letter was a great success  and Jwlhyfer was able to present her retrospective at the convention.


To see some of Jwlhyfer's body of work please explore this web site. You can also see information on another  collaborative project: Bella Donna; Venetian Courtesans - A Living History Project /Performance Troupe at www.belladonna.50megs.com.


To find out more about  Costume Con 23 go to http://www.crossroadsutah.org/

To find out about Jwlhyfer’s work with the GBACG go to











And the Thank you's continue:

Following a list of those who generously contributed to the fund:

Kevin Roche, Allison de Saint Croix Rolls, Jana Keeler, Deborah Bretschneider, Autumn Carey-Adamme, Linda Taylor, Johanna Mead, Tracy Benton, Dorothy Truslow, James Myers, Stephanie Bodnar, Catherine Hay, Nanette Harn, Catherine Howard, Shawna Spiteri, Fred Struthers, Michelle Underwood, Erin Martin, Dean Whitaker (my Dad - Thank you!) Janice Dallas, Leo Vishmid, Billie Sue Whitaker (my Aunt)  Jana Keeler and Janet Wilson Anderson.

We succeeded in getting many of Jwlhyfer's needs met for this convention. We will continue to accept donations after the convention for future Convention/Teaching expenses. Jwlhyfer's condition makes travelling very difficult and she needs a considerable amount of rest after such a trip. Having adequate resources both during and after a convention insures that she will be able to afford what she needs to get by even if her illness is in flare. Your donations will go towards the expenses of the convention and anything left over will be used for medication, basic living expenses and supplies to make it possible for her to continue her work, to teach others, and to create supportive space for costume artists to explore their creativity. 

From Jwlhyfer: I wish to express my deepest thanks to all of you. The response was overwhelming and unexpected in its vast generosity, many of it from strangers who attached notes like; "Even people who don't know you are inspired by you." This meant so much more to me than the financial support. To those of you who honored me by coming to the Retrospective and allowing me to share a small peice of my life with you - Thank you as well. You were all very warm and accepting and I hope so much that you may learn from my experiences. Feel free to email or write to me. I am always happy to share whatever I have. You are all invited over for a pot of tea and an afternoon of conversation. --- Jwlhyfer

Help the project


Teaching Reference Library for Jwlhyfer

 The Amazon Wish List: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=cs_top_nav_wl/104-1578865-9059115

The current hideously expensive but absolutely necessary book is called 'Lions of Fashion; Male Fashion of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries" It can be found through addall.com, or bookfinder.com also Lacis carries it, as does Amazon.

Many of the books on the wishlist are available used or from Amazon Marketplace at reduced prices. If you'd like to donate a book, please help recycle and buy books used or support small, local bookstores when buying from Amazon Marketplace. Or support small press by buying these books new.

In 2005 I began using G. Lalo's Marble Papered Journals to work up ideas, etc. I've just filled up one of these and I am addicted to them now. I went back to get another one but my local store no longer carries them. I use the largest size and I hope to be able to use these books in the future as references to earlier inspirations and ideas. I've been keeping journals all my life. Thank you to Jana Keeler and David Davis for two new G.Lalo Journals. They have been all filled up and are ready to inspire other people, hopefully.

I'll be sharing more images and pages from those journals here as I download them.

You might enjoy this resource for books on costume, textiles, lace, cooking and crafts. http://www.poisonpenpress.com/ They often carry books which are hard to find elsewhere. Another great source for new and used books is www.addall.com which is a search engine searching about 45 stores on the web at once.

This is a tool for setting eyelets which is also available at Lacis in Berkeley, scroll down to the HomePro LR 11-pc. Eyelet Tool Kit which is an essential component to add to the Eyelet setter. http://www.coilconnection.com/eyeletsetter.htm It is also available on eBay. This tool would be easier for Jwlhyfer to use than the hammer setter she uses now. She is also a night owl and she could work into the wee hours without disturbing her neighbors!

Thank you so much far having a look at this page and the web site. Every book and tool helps to inspire and teach, and hopefully will lead to inspiring and teaching others.

Thank You's

The names of the generous people who have helped with various projects will be displayed here. Thank you to: Raymond Andre lll, Linda Wenzelburger, Alysha Nachtigall, Karen Sandler, Dany Slone, Lorraine Condyles, my Father; Dean Whitaker, Kevin Roche, Mark Rocco, Jennifer Wylie, Kendra Van Kleave, Bruce and Dana MacDermott, Jana Keeler, Sally Norton,  Jay and Denisen Hartlove, Tessa Bronner O'Brien , Pauline Schmidt, Norma Auerbach, Cat Devereaux, Elaine Quon, Robert Young, Pink Diamond, britgeekgirl, and many others.

Thank you so much to Patrick Conolly who sent a copy of Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd, January 2005!