Arwen Becomes Mortal

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The process of creating the "Blood Red Dress"

My main source for research on this project was the incredible web site Much thanks to Cat Devereaux and all the contributers to the web site.

I've been working on this project for several months, having seen images of the dress, I couldn't resist recreating it, even though it's a favorite. I've tried to stay true to the types of materials used, though I did make it a "Remake, Restyle" project (see I was able to take a couple of thrift store dresses and use them in the project. I created the trim from the beaded embroidery on a sari skirt we purchased in the Indian shopping section of University street in Berkeley, California. I also made the underdress from powder blue silk that had been stamped "Sample" which I dyed midnight blue. I had a few yards of a lovely, deep red velvet for the lower sleeves, and some dupioni silk left over from the Venetian Courtesan to line the bodice of the underdress.

Uniquely then, the project was created mostly from materials on hand. We all know as costumers how unusual this is! The sari skirt, blue stretch velvet to add to the overdress, and silk lining for the lower sleeves were purchased to complete the garment.

Thank you to R.A.3 for the donation of additional materials.

My ears were cast using alginate and a plaster-like material. As soon as the materials were set a positive was made from the mold. The Elvish ears were then molded in clay, and another cast was made of them. Then the clay is removed, the two molds are put together, and foam latex is injected into the negative space. The ears are then baked. Thanks to Jay Hartlove for making my beautiful Elvish ears.


"I choose a mortal life."

Keeping track with multiple lists

Glueing the sari trim to the fashion fabric.

Photograph by Richard Man, taken at Baycon

Arwen becomes real

"I choose a mortal life"

First time I try on the Elvish ears - Thank you, Jay!