Seresina Step by Step - The Process

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Design and Construction

This is just a quick look at what we did when the project officially started.
I've included a bit of my design process, an image of the ill fated first fabric, our lovely replacement fabric, a peak at the trims I wanted to choose from, and an idea of what the dress will look like finished.
This has been quite a long an arduous process, but an incredible learning experience.
I managed to do one other thing while I have been immersed in this, which was reading the new Harry Potter.
I also found the support of my friends was amazing.
The real reason this project is a miracle? Please see other pages. I hope my story inspires you to follow your dreams no matter what seems to be against you.


Design Process

Fabric and Trims

First Fabric, which could not be used.

The Replacement Fabric. Fantastic!

Linda proudly displays her cartridge pleating skills.

We inch ever closer to the finished dress!